Hi I’m BoefBandito

A chubby guy with a big heart.
With my temperature regulation super power, I’ll keep you cool when you’re hot and I’ll warm you up when you’re cold.
You’ve got a friend in me.


About me

Hey Guys,

I’m BoefBandito. My name is multilingual; in Dutch ‘Boef’ means ‘Bandit’ and in Italian ‘Bandito’ means ‘Bandit’.
I’ve my headquarters in the Netherlands and I’m visiting Italy several times a year, that’s why.

Go to the HISTORY section to learn how I’ve got my stripes.
Go to the FEATURES section to learn more about my super powers.
Go to the Personal information to learn more about my physical features.

Or skip everything and ADOPT me right away.


We have to go back to the time of the great explorer Christopher Columbus, who lived somewhere around 1450-1550.
Back in those days, my ancestors worked on board of one of the expedition vessels who went to the new world of South America.
These vessels returned to Europe with a great treasure: chocolate.

My love for chocolate is genetic I guess, because my ancestors couldn’t resist it either and were eating almost every piece of chocolate they could find on this long overseas trip.

Their bandito skills were not as good developed as mine and they got caught. All children who were born after their conviction got into this world with a jail suit on. That’s why we all have black and white stripes.


Personal information

My missions in life are:
Spread love and happiness throughout the world;
Visit as many cultures as possible;
Try all the chocolate in the world at least once;
Make my family famous.


*Length: 9 inch, width: 6 inch, weight: 1.7 pounds

My belly is filled with millet and lavender.

The lavender has a calming effect on people and it has a pleasant smell.
The Millet has everything to do with my super powers. You can heat me in a microwave to keep yourself relaxed and warm.
In summertime I’m able to cool you down.

People are using my abilities to keep their newborns company; help adults who have sour muscles or neck pain and the elderly find great comfort in having me as a companion.

My cv


One of my favorite things to do is traveling. You get to experience new habits and make new friends.

Within Europe I’ve visited the following countries, in alphabetical order:

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Outside Europe I’ve visited the following countries in alphabetical order:

Canada, Costa Rica, Kazachstan, Malaysia, Panama and Singapore.

BoefBandito World domination:


Food and reviews

I’ve reviewed many services and products for companies like HEMA, BIOBANDITS and DisGover.

Since I have many followers on Instagram, sometimes I have a collaboration there too.

My Super powers

Warm Buddy

When you’re cold you may put me inside a clean microwave for max. 90 seconds and 800 W. I’ll keep you warm for more than 1 hour.

1) Make sure the turning table is able to turn freely and the microwave switches off automatically after 90 seconds.
2) Remove my cardboard label and all other foreign objects from my body before heating me!

Cool Buddy

On a hot summerday I’m your best way to cool down.

Just put me in the fridge for 1 hour or inside the freezer for 20 minutes and I’m serving as a coldpack. This feature also comes in handy with bruised feet etc.


Make sure you put me in a plastic bag before cooling me. The plastic prevents the moist from coming inside my tummy.

Clean Buddy

Spilled some lemonade on me?
Don’t panic! I’ve an opening on my back so you’re able to remove my internal parts. Clean my skin with a little water and some washing detergent.

I’m not a fan of water, so please let me dry thoroughly before putting my tummy back.

Check the condition of my skin at regular intervals. There is an end for everything. A good BoefBandito life will cost some wear and tear eventually.
If you find that I’m not in the best shape anymore, please give me a place to quietly spend my old days.


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