Hi Humans

I’m BoefBandito 

A chubby striped bandit with a big heart and big love of chocolate!

My name originates from two countries. Boef is Dutch (where my headquarter is), and Bandito is Italian for Bandit, so you may call me BanditBandit aswel. 

My beautiful stripes are a legacy from the past.  You can read about it in the History section.

Did you know that I have Superpowers? scroll down for more info.

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In the time of the great explorer Christopher Columbus ( so approx. 1450-1550). My ancestors had a small job on board of one of the boats who brought chocolate from South America to Europe. During this trip, they couldn’t resist the chocolate and they eat almost everything! 

When they got caught they got convicted and since that moment all their prosperity gets born with a prison suit on. 

We have a love for chocolate up until this day! 

Personal information

My mission in life:

  • Bring happiness and love to the world. 
  • Visit as many cultures as possible. 
  • Try all the chocolate at least ones. 
  • Make the BoefBandito family famous!

Passport information

I am +/- 22cm / 9 inch tall and 15 cm / 6 inch width.
My weight is 750 gram / 1.7 pounds
My eyes are black and I’m bald 😉

boefbandito zoekt

My belly is filled with natural millet and lavender.
This makes me smell nice and the lavender has a calming effect on people.

You can heat me in a microwave to keep you relaxed and warm.
In summertime I’m able to cool you down.

My mission is to make the world a happier place.
I’m good company for your newborn too!


I’m an experienced traveller.
The nicest part is learning about the cultures.
I’ve travelled a lot in Europa. Outside of Europa I’ve been in Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama and Kazachstan .

3 continents – 29 Countries

I’ve also done many reviews for companies. For instance HEMA, BIOBANDITS and LOVEFOODS. Also small cooperations trough instagram


Warm Buddy

Put me inside a clean microwave for max. 90 sec. / 800W.  I will keep you warm for >1hr.

Get my cardboard label of my nek and make sure the turning table is able to turn freely and the microwave automatically turns off after 90 seconds.

Cool Buddy

Just put me in the fridge (1hr) or freezer (20min.) in  a plastic bag. The plastic prevents the moist from coming in so don’t forget!! 

Clean Buddy

Spilled some lemonade on me?
Don’t panic! I’ve a opening on my back so you are able to remove my internal parts. clean my skin with a bit of water and some washing detergent.

I’m not a fan of water, so please let me dry thoroughly before you put my tummy back.

Check the condition of my skin at regular intervals. There is an end for everything. A good BoefBandito life will cost some wear and tear eventually.
If you find that I’m not in the best shape anymore, please give me a place to quietly spend my old days.


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This is his address: Boefbandito Headquarters, Rietveld 29, 3443 XA, The Netherlands.