BoefBandito family member

BoefBandito family member

5.00 out of 5
(12 customer reviews)


The original BoefBandito cousin is ready to be adopted by you!

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I’m BoefBandito and I’m ready to keep you warm during the cold winter months.
You’ve got a friend in me!
Just put me ( without my label) in the microwave for 90 seconds and I’m your little, chubby warm friend for over an hour.
I have a relaxing smell as well!
I can help people who are lonely, cold, have back pain, nekpain etc.
Do you feel like overheated? I’ve cooling abilities too!

Warning: I’m known for stealing hearts and chocolate 


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12 reviews for BoefBandito family member

  1. 5 out of 5

    SanShepherd (verified owner)

    This little fellow is fantastic… Smells great (lavender which helps mee sleep) and is so cute. And the BoefBandito adoption agency offers great services. My adoptee was sent, snacks included 🙂 and they checked if he got to me OK. My colleagues were impressed when he arrived at my office.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Christina Habbishow (verified owner)

    We couldn’t love out Banditos any more than we do, they are cute, cuddly, caring and wonderful when you aren’t feeling 100 percent the heat and lavender helps so very much. Maybe its giving him an extra special hug that is where the magic is.
    The adoption agency are very helpful and even make sure he has something to eat on his travels. We can’t wait to extend our Bandito family.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Ayumi Mori

    He is so cute. I want to cuddle and kiss him very much.
    I wish that I was native English speaker , I could write more ……I’m sorry.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Yvonne Stewart (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore my BoefBandito! <3 He arrived with a little hand-written note advising me to keep him away from my chocolate stash! He has settled into his new home here in the north of Scotland very well and gets cuddles every day. I like keeping up to date with his family's activities on Instagram. He is very, very cute.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Chris Habbishow (verified owner)

    We now have three Banditos, Cheeky, Charlie & Chumplin, they are the best. Everyone should have at least one in their family. Buy one you won’t regret it.

  6. 5 out of 5


    we’have now one of the lil’ man’s
    … name “taddel” and he sleep every night in a other bed

  7. 5 out of 5


    I love it so very much, I think it’s cute and the smell makes me feel like sleeping even if it is 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

  8. 5 out of 5


    I received my BoefBandito today! He is AWESOME!! My kids love him too!

  9. 5 out of 5


    We got ours as a loving present and he is a joy even just to look at. We love his open facial expression.

  10. 5 out of 5


    It’s sooo sweet!!I love it!I want buy one!Lovely…

  11. 5 out of 5

    Dinda octa

    I love boef, thnks boef! Boef are so cute , boef are my the bestfriend ever.

  12. 5 out of 5

    K Emmerson (verified owner)

    We are very happy with our little friend. He has settled in very well and eats all the chocolates. He loves chocolates, cuddles, cookies and cake in that order. We are very happy and love him very much. Thank you boefbandito.

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