How to take care of me and the story of my super powers

I can be your warm buddy

Put me inside a clean microwave and turn the microwave on for a maximum of 90 seconds and on maximal 800 W when your cold. I’ll keep you warm for more than 1 hour.

1) Make sure the turning table is able to turn freely and the microwave switches off automatically after 90 seconds.
2) Remove my cardboard label and all other foreign objects from my body before heating me!

I can be your cold buddy

On a hot summer day I’m your best way to cool down.

Just put me in the fridge for 1 hour or inside the freezer for 20 minutes and I’m serving as a cold pack. This feature also comes in handy with bruised feet etc.

Make sure you put me in a plastic bag before cooling me. The plastic prevents the moist from coming inside my tummy.

Make sure I’ll stay your clean buddy

Spilled some lemonade on me?
Don’t panic! I’ve an opening on my back so you’re able to remove my internal parts. Clean my skin with a little water and some washing detergent.

I’m not a fan of water, so please let me dry thoroughly before putting my tummy back.

Check the condition of my skin at regular intervals. There is an end for everything. A good BoefBandito life will cost some wear and tear eventually.
If you find that I’m not in the best shape anymore, please give me a place to quietly spend my old days.

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