My line of ancestors dates back to the 1490s and has something to do with world explorer Christopher Columbus. You know, the guy with the egg story…

Back in those days my ancestors worked on board of one of the expedition vessels who went to the new world of South America. The story doesn’t tell their names but it does tell other important things.

First of all, My ancestors were hardworking men and women who, because of their small size, did a lot of inspection work inside the ships.

The expedition vessels returned to Europe with a great treasure: loads and loads of chocolate. Ok, they should have returned with loads of chocolate.
During an expedition, sometimes food is scarce. My Ancestors couldn’t help themselves to taste some of the chocolate stock, and ones they did, they were hooked….

Their bandito skills were not as good developed as mine and they got caught. After a long trial the judge said: All children born after from now on will be born with a jail suit on.

That’s the explanation why we all have the same black and white stripes.

Although this story is 500years ago, We BoefBanditos still love chocolate very much.

The love for chocolate is baked into our genetic code I guess…


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