Hello Human! Welcome on my webpage,

My name is BoefBandito,

What a strange name you might think, but it’s all related to my stripes.
You see, my stripes are a jail suit actually! My great great grandparents are convicted for stealing a lot of chocolate when mr. Christopher Columbus tried to take this to Europe. all their posterity was born with a striped jail suit  already! Boef means bandit in dutch and Bandito means bandit in spanish.

I have to say, I’m not completely innocent myself 🙂
Chocolates are my favourite kind of candy. And I’m know for my ability to steal hearts 

But how, you might think, did I end up on this webpage?
Well… some years ago one of my humans was looking for a present of my other who happens to have very cold feet all the time.
Since I’ve a special trick upon my striped sleeve which is being heatable, and of course my good looking black eyes, the choice was easy to make.

When I arrived at my new humans place, he was very reluctant to use me as a heatable toy and I became his companion and friend.
I travel the world with them both really! I visit such interesting places, have great adventures which are always somehow accompanied with yummy food.

My stories are shared on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. And the number of followers started to grow.
After a while some of those people asked my humans if they could take me on their travels.
However my humans could not bare the thought of me traveling with others ( see this is where the ability of me stealing hearts comes in).
And they decided to look around if they could find another solution. Since they could imagine the joy other people would get from a little fellow like me.

After discussing the pro’s and con’s they decided to become the original BoefBandito adoption agency. And here you are, able to adopt one of my cousins.

Personal information:

I’m aprox.  22cm / 9 inches tall
15cm / 6 inches wide ( yeah I have a round tummy I know 🙂 )
750 gram / 1.7 pounds in weight
My eye color:    Black
My hair color:  No hair

Personal qualities:

I’m able to keep you warm, happy and help you trough those lonely days.
My belly is filled with natural millet and lavender. If you put me in the microwave for 90 seconds I will keep you warm for more that 1 hour.
In summertime, you can use me to cool down by putting me in a fridge or freezer.

The lavender in my belly will keep you relaxed and calm your nerves.

Mission in life:

Make everybody warm and happy. And fill their live with joy. I’m a good companion for your newborns too!

Adoption regulations:

If you adopt one of my family members, I would like to keep in touch. If you upload your picture on social media please use #boefbanditofamilymember or tag @boefbandito. You may also email your stories and pictures to info@boefbandito.com

How to heat me: 

1448310919_microwave copyklein

Put me inside a cleaned microwave for max. 90 seconds on max. 800W and I will provide warmth for more than one hour.  Make sure the turning table is able to turn freely and the microwave automatically turns off after 90 seconds.


You can also put me inside an electrical oven instead. Make sure the Grill function is off and put me in a clean bowl for 10 minutes in a preheated oven on 100 degrees  celsius.


In summertime you can use me to cool you down. Just put me in a plastic bag and after in the fridge for 1 hour or freezer for 20 minutes. The plastic prevents me from getting wet and is therefore really important!


I was designed by the founder of the Intelex Group Mr Philip Gannon in 2008 as one of the original four characters in the Socky Doll® range. Mr Gannon invented heatable soft toys in 1995 and has designed hundreds of best selling characters and ranges over the past 20 years to meet market demand. In 2015 the BoefBandito was founded with permission of Intelex.