Personal information

On this page you will find my passport details and travelexperience


BoefBandito opmeten

I’m 22cm tall and 15cm wide.
My weight is 750gram
I’ve black eyes
My head is bald.

My belly is filled with millet and lavender.

The lavender has a calming effect on people and it has a pleasant smell.
The Millet has everything to do with my super powers. You can heat me in a microwave to keep yourself relaxed and warm.
In summertime I’m able to cool you down.

People are using my abilities to keep their newborns company; help adults who have sour muscles or neck pain and the elderly find great comfort in having me as a companion.

Travel experience

One of my favorite things to do is traveling. You get to experience new habits and make new friends.

Within Europe I’ve visited the following countries, in alphabetical order:

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Outside Europe I’ve visited the following countries in alphabetical order:

Canada, Costa Rica, Kazachstan, Malaysia, Panama and Singapore.

If you think I have to visit your city, town or country.. Leave a message and who knows..

countries I have visited

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